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Pallets and pallet boxes


You can find a wide range of plastic pallets in AnikoPlast Company for the solution of different tasks for your business.

Currently, three types of pallets exist: metal, wooden and plastic pallets.

Metal pallets are used in a very small part of the market, mainly for aircrafts. They are very expensive and mostly they are used for the transportation of extremely heavy loads.

Currently, there is an international trend to use plastic pallets in a wide range of economic sectors and industries, such as - agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Plastic pallets are often copies of traditional wooden pallets. But at the same time plastic pallets have many advantages over wooden pallets:

Plastic pallets are waterproof, they can be used in all types of weather and over a wide temperature range. As they are resistant to moisture, they are most suitable for transportation of products that need to be kept dry - chocolate, coffee, paper products, pharmaceuticals, cement, spices, cereals;

Plastic pallets have excellent hygienic properties being resistant to bacteria and fungi that grow on wooden pallets;

Plastic pallets are easy to wash and clean. They can be washed with high pressure water, sterilized at 120 ℃, washed by solvents, water or steam, whereas wooden pallets are damaged upon contact with solvents, steam and water;

Plastic pallets are safer to use because of the design, smooth finishing and lighter weight. Plastic pallets do not have sharp edges, nails, burrs;

- Plastic pallets do not absorb smells;

- Plastic pallets are recyclable. Even after plastic pallets are out of order, they can be sold into the secondary raw materials to recycling companies;

Due to the material strength and its design, plastic pallets are more durable in use. The period of service of an average plastic pallet is up to 500 trips (depending on the type), while a wooden pallet is not more than 50;

Plastic pallets are much lighter. They weigh 2-4 times less than wooden pallets, that allows to reduce transportation costs;

Plastic pallets look more attractive, have a wide range of colors; products can be displayed in them in the sales area;

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