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Gastronorm containers


You can use them for preparing, storing and transporting both semi-ready foods and prepared meals.

Light and convenient containers from polypropylene are safe in heat up to 99°C and freezing down to -40°C. They do not excrete dangerous substances and are always demanded on a professional kitchen for efficient operation.


You may purchase ANIKOPLAST products in three color schemes – transparent (colorless plastic), white and black. For marking convenience, each container has a colored clip, each color signifying the following:


red for indicating meat products;

yellow for indicating poultry meat;

blue for indicating fish;

green for indicating salads, fruits and vegetables;

grey for bread and pastry products;

These clips will allow to quickly understand what's inside, in particular, if the containers are black.


For greater convenience it is possible to combine the containers with lids of different sorts, f.e. with a steam clip, which allows to keep the microwave clean, or a drain to get rid of the liquids. The necessary types of lids may be purchased separately.

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