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Plastic boxes


You can find cheap plastic boxes of Anikoplast Company in Manama, the Kingdom of Bahrain. We use only food-safe plastic in the manufacture of our high-quality boxes, crates and trays.

We can produce boxes, crates and trays of different colors, put logos on them. Plastic crates have different designs - stackable and stack /Nest handheld boxes (at the turn of 180 degrees they are put on each other), foldable, that allows to use transport, warehouse and retail space optimally. Boxes, crates and trays can be equipped with lids and dollies.

Our boxes are divided into:
- Bakery crates;
- Meat and dairy crates;
- Fruit and vegetable boxes;
- Foldable containers;
- Storage systems

Bakery packaging

AnikoPlast Company has a great variety of crates and boxes for the bakery industry. Bakery plastic crates are designed for the transportation of bakery and confectionery products. Bakery plastic boxes, crates and trays can be used not only for transportation of bakery and confectionary goods, but for intrashop logistics, as well as for the placement of bakery products in the sales areas. Bakery plastic boxes are made from food polypropylene or polyethylene, solid or ventilated and have a wide range of dimensions and heights.

Meat and dairy crates

Meat boxes and crates are designed for storage and transportation of meat and sausage products. These boxes and crates can be used on automated lines as meat boxes have permanent certain calibrated weight.
Dairy plastic boxes withstand high loads, able to cope with any treatment process (sterilization, steam cleaning, etc.) to comply with all hygiene standards. Plastic dairy crates have a smooth surface that prevents milk cartons from damage. Dairy crates have a design that avoids the accumulation of dirt, allowing to make the process of cleaning containers as easy as possible.

Fruit and vegetable boxes

During the transportation fruits and vegetables require maintaining of constant humidity, air circulation, in order to remain fresh for a long time. Plastic fruit crates, which have a special ventilated construction, allow to achieve excellent results in preserving food freshness.

Foldable containers

Innovative foldable plastic boxes are compact when they are not in use. The foldable plastic crate is durable, lightweight, allows air to circulate, if it is necessary.

In addition, we supply dollies for a safe and easy movement of boxes, crates and trays.

If you can’t find on our website what you look for, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in the selection of plastic containers, will explain all the nuances of the use of plastic crates.

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