About us

AnikoPlast Company is a close-knit team of highly qualified specialists and whose aim is the manufacturing of the highest world quality production. Being one of the leading manufacturers of industrial plastic containers, pallets, AnikoPlast knows what really matters in this business: high efficiency, extreme flexibility, intelligent technologies and, last but not least, the greatest possible comfort for the customers. AnikoPlast constantly sets standards and sets the tone in the manufacture of plastic containers, pallets, etc. The company's success - is the combined result of perfect cooperation of its experts and leading engineers in various fields.


Making plastic containers, pallets and other products by AnikoPlast is a solemn act of creation. Our business requires not only experience, but also the rare technical competence in such diverse spheres as mechanical engineering, prototyping and testing process. Understanding of many processes and materials is essential for us. First of all, this noble task requires attention to details for an exceptional balance of functionality and reliability.


AnikoPlast Сompany’s pursuit for perfection is the key to our experience and success. We are actively interested in new technologies and new materials. We also have the desire to work with like-minded suppliers who help us to expand the boundaries of the existing opportunities.

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