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Plastic containers for transportation and storage of goods became popular not so long- in the early 70-ies of the XX century. Since then plastic containers have spread throughout in our lives. This is due to its convenience, efficiency, effectiveness, durability, hygienic, easiness in maintenance and a relatively low price.

There is a large-scale introduction of plastic packaging in different industries around the world,. A wide range of high-quality plastic packaging produced by Anikoplast Company allows you to find solutions in different business areas - warehouses (plastic pallets and storage systems), bakery and confectionery companies, meat, sausage, slaughter, fish enterprises, poultry factories, different farms, commercial and retail enterprises (plastic trays, boxes, gastronorm containers, plastic pallets and dollies). Efficient storage, handling and preparation for the sale of products are vital goals in all these spheres.

This division of plastic packaging and plastic containers for bakery and confectionery containers, meat, fruit, vegetable producers and industrial customers is due to the individual requirements of the various spheres of the business.

Producers of bakery and confectionery products need a light plastic bread tray, which would allow to cool hot bread on this tray and which would not leave moisture on the bread. The bread tray must have special dimensions for the special technological equipment.

Producers of meat products have other goals in packaging. The most important thing for them is cooling the product and the containers as well. That is why quite often the meat boxes, sausage boxes are made of a special plastic that allows to expose the meat crate or sausage box by shock freezing. Plastic boxes for poultry take a special place in this category, they allow to transport live poultry without causing it any damage during transit.

Fruit boxes require a special perforation. Fruit crates, boxes for vegetables have also an aesthetic aspect, because many trading companies place vegetables and fruits into the fruit and vegetable boxes on the trading shelves directly.

Boxes for industrial customers have to withstand multiple high weighting, some industrial customers need foldable boxes to save space in the warehouse.

Plastic containers for shops, restaurants, catering production have a special place on the market of plastic packaging. That's why the plastic gastronorm containers were specially designed. Gastronorm containers can be used not only for transportation and products storage, but also for cooking food in microwave ovens, and displaying products in gastronorm containers directly in a shop window.

Thus it doesn't matter what kind of plastic containers you are looking for, you will find all necessary plastic containers, boxes, trays for storing and transporting goods in our company.


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